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How DataKnowl billing works

In DataKnowl, there are two options regarding Services costs: 

  • Monthly recurring fees
  • Pay-as-you-go usage charges

Monthly recurring fees and pay-as-you-go usage charges, related to your DataKnowl active Services, are automatically billed to your Account balance. Monthly recurring fees (e.g. local numbers fees, toll-free fees, DataKnowl Contact plans fees, DataKnowl V-Voice plans fees, DataKnowl V-Agent plans fees etc.) are billed monthly to your Account balance, or annually (if the payment is made for the entire year, thereby taking advantage of the discount).

Phone number fees and Service Plans fees are billed on the day of the month in which the number was purchased or the Service Plan was activated. If the billing date does not occur in every month, billing will be on the last day of that month (e.g. If you purchased a phone number on March 31st, the monthly fees of the following month will be billed on April 30th because April 31st does not exist).

On the date of purchasing a new number and/or on the date of subscribing to a Service Plan, the fee for the entire month will be deducted from the credit balance of your Account. (If you purchase a phone number and three days later decide to cancel it, you cannot request a refund for that month.)

Pay-as-you-go usage charges (interactions, usage service charges, minutes, SMS, transcriptions, ASR, call recordings, storage etc.) are automatically deducted, in near real-time, from the credit balance of your Account.

You will receive an email notification when your Account balance is below five dollars. If your Account balance reaches $0, an email alert is sent and your Account will be temporarily suspended. If there are calls in progress when this happens these calls will still be completed and charged; now your Account will have a negative balance.

The Account will remain suspended and therefore you cannot make or receive any calls, SMS, messages etc. until a credit top-up is made.

To add credit, on the DataKnowl dashboard click on the Add Funds link in "Your Account" box.

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