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Create a DataKnowl Account

Ready to discover DataKnowl with us? As a first step, connect to the site https://www.dataknowl.com .
If you have not yet created your DataKnowl account, click on Sign up at the top right [1].

Sign up is very simple! Simply enter your first name, last name, a valid e-mail address and choose your password.

Once the fields have been filled in, click on the Create my account button at the bottom left [2].You will receive an e-mail with the confirmation code to the address associated with your DataKnowl account.

Click on the link [3] to complete the validation of your account or, alternatively, visit the web address https://www.dataknowl.it/activation and enter the confirmation code indicated in the e-mail [4].
Now your account is active, as communicated by the following screenshot.

To access the DataKnowl platform, you can click on the link below Click here to log in now [5] or Log in on the top right [6].

Enter your authentication credentials now:

  • Username: which coincides with your e-mail address that you indicated when registering with the DataKnowl platform [7];
  • Password [8].

and click on the Login button below [9].

DataKnowl recommends keeping your authentication credentials in the highest security and secrecy.


How to create a DataKnowl account ?
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