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The Message Application is handy in all cases where you want to communicate a specific message to the caller, instead of proceeding with an IVR option, or with the normal call flow.

There are many uses for the Message Application. For example, it is possible to create one or more Message Applications to:

  • Communicate the office is closed for holidays, inventory checking, etc.
  • Communicate changes in office opening hours
  • Inform users/customers about extraordinary interventions for repairs, maintenance, problems, bad services, service interruption, etc.
  • Communicate participation in events, fairs and shows
  • Communicate a new company address
  • Communicate emergency telephone numbers and emergency personnel details
  • Communicate the introduction of new procedures and/or regulations
  • Communicate all that you consider useful to offer the best customer experience

By activating the Message Application on your phone number, in self-service mode customers will get more accurate information about your business activity. You will no longer have to worry about managing this type of call.

Configuring the Message Application is very simple.

Follow this tutorial step by step How to set up the Message Application and start using the Message Application with DataKnowl.

Tips and Ideas for Messages

1. Christmas Holidays Message Example
Welcome to XYZ Company. Our office will be closed from December 24th through January 7th. For general inquiries, send us an email to support@........com. We will be happy to reply to you as soon as possible. Thank you very much and happy Christmas Holidays!

2. Event Communication Message Example
The XYZ Company informs you that, on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of our business, we have organized a big event on July 5th, at 6:00 pm, in the XXXXXX Square. You are all invited to celebrate with us!

3. Fault Repair Communication Message Example
Dear Customer, if you are calling us regarding the fault in XXXX, we inform you that our technicians are working to restore the service. We apologize for the inconvenience.

4. Holydays / Vacation Message Example
The XYZ Company welcomes you and informs you that, from August 10th to August 16th, our offices will remain closed for the holidays. We will be available again on August 17th. In the meantime, send your requests to support@.......com. Many thanks.

5. New Opening Message Example
The XYZ Company expands its product offering. Come and visit us in our new store located at XXXXXXX Street. We have incredible in-store offers for you!

6. Office transfer Message Example
Welcome to the XYZ Company! We inform our customers that, due to renovations, we have moved our offices to XXXXXXX Street. You can find us there, Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 to 18:00. Thank you.

7. Inventory Closure Message Example
The XYZ Company reminds you that, from September 3rd to September 10th, it will remain closed due to inventory checking. We will reopen on September 11th with important news and unmissable discounts!

8. Emergency Management Message Example
Dear customer, customer service is available every day from 9am to 7pm. For emergencies, you can call this number XXXXXXXXXX. Thank you for calling.

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