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Toll-Free Number - Pricing Examples

In DataKnowl, services on the telephone channel are pay-as-you-go. In order to optimize operating costs, you only pay for what you use.

So, a DataKnowl Toll-Free Number is a pay-as-you-go service. Its use involves the payment of a monthly recurring fee and a usage charge, for the variable component (inbound and outbound minutes, SMS messages, service charges etc.). The usage charge is calculated per minute. There is no connection fee.

There are no activation costs, long-term commitments, or minimum monthly/annual fees.

The total usage cost of a Toll-Free phone number is given by the sum of the service charges (in this case, DataKnowl Contact) and of the telephony charges. The DataKnowl Contact service charge includes the applications (IVR, Forwarding, Message, etc.), the interactions center management, the answer via web browser, and much more.

Example 1
An end-customer calls your US Toll-free Number from a fixed line. The call is forwarded to your landline phone, such as your office number. The call lasts 3 minutes.

These charges are applicable for the call: service charges (S) and telephony charges (T).

Service charges (S)
S) DataKnowl Contact phone service usage charge, based on call duration, is determined by the minute and is $ 0.008 / min.
So, $ 0.008 * 3 min. = $ 0.024

Telephony charges (T) - Toll-Free Number
T) Telephony charge (channel) for an incoming call (inbound) from a local number is $ 0.0280 / min.
So, $ 0.0280 * 3 min. = $ 0.084
T) Telephony charge (channel) for call forwarding (outbound) to a local number is $ 0.0150 / min.
So, $ 0.0150 * 3 min. = $ 0.045

The total usage cost of a call received on a toll-free number, lasting 3 minutes, originating from a local number and terminated on landline phone, is given by the sum of the Service charges (S) and Telephony charges (T) of the Toll-Free Number.

In our example, the total usage cost will be: $ 0.024 (S) + $ 0.084 (T) + $ 0.045 (T) = $ 0.153

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