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Understanding Ticket Statuses

The ticket status indicates the progress made in resolving the request for which that particular ticket was created.

In DataKnowl Contact, there are five values for ticket status:

Open [1]: means that a new ticket has been received (via V-Voice, e-mail, SMS, V-Agent, etc.) or that a new ticket has been created by an agent. When a ticket is in this state, it is waiting to be picked up by a support team agent. By default, each new ticket is marked as "open" and is automatically assigned to an agent responsible for its resolution.

Pending [2]: means that the assigned agent has taken charge of the request and is working to resolve it . The agent may need more information (provided by colleagues or from the person who opened the request) to be able to resolve and close the ticket.

On-hold [3]: means that the request is awaiting a resolution from third parties external to the support team.

Solved [4]: means that the assigned agent has solved the request related to the ticket, but can still intervene on the ticket in case of further requests. The "solved" status, unlike the "closed" status, allows agents to work on the ticket again.

Closed [5]: means that the request has been permanently resolved. When an agent changes the status of the ticket to "closed", the ticket can no longer be reopened or changed.

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